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This 3A ultra low dropout linear regulator is designed to provide well supply voltage for front-side-bus termination on montherboards and NB applications. It needs two supply voltages, a control voltage and a main supply voltage for power conversion to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout. Datasheet will be provided upon email request.


The JT8307 series of regulators are ready-to-use highly integrated modules that provide all the active functions of an isolated step-down switching regulator, capable of driving a 15A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 12V, 24V, 48V, and an adjustable output version.

UIC1203R -  Download Datasheet >

High Sensitive Optical Sensor IC for selection of dynamic light targets. Detail information is upon request.


Synchronous SRAM chips 256Kb, 100Mhz frequency.


Verification IP (VIP) for standard protocol and interface providing complete verification solution for IP design:

  • Universal Serial Bus 2.0 On-The-Go (USB OTG)
  • Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) 3.0
  • Serial AT Attachment (SATA) revision 3.2